Continuing Investment in New Manufacturing Equipment - Thessco
The Thessco Group is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of Silver Brazing Alloys, Metal Joining Products and Industrial Silver Alloys.
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Continuing Investment in New Manufacturing Equipment

Continuing Investment in New Manufacturing Equipment

Following an extensive evaluation by the United Kingdom Environmental Agency in June 2018 Thessco Limited was issued with a Notice of Variation and Consolidation under The Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2016. This notice updated our Environmental Permit which allows us to continue manufacturing cadmium-containing alloys at our Royds Mills site in Sheffield. 

Given the ongoing demand for cadmium-continuing alloys and in order  to comply with the new emissions regulations that are due to come into force in June 2020 in the United Kingdom, Thessco Limited has invested over £30,000 in new extraction equipment for our powder production facility which has now been installed (see photograph).

Our Group Managing Director, James Tear stated that, “This investment ensures that Thessco Limited is in a position to ensure the continuity of supply for aerospace, defence or safety critical applications of any cadmium-containing alloy”.

For information about our electrical contact range of materials containing cadmium (our Cadosil and GD range of materials) or information about our cadmium-containing brazing alloy range please contact us.