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The Thessco Group is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of Silver Brazing Alloys, Metal Joining Products and Industrial Silver Alloys.
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Silver Brazing Alloys for Special Purpose Applications

Tool Tipping

This range of alloys is designed for the brazing of difficult parent metals such as cast iron and cemented carbides where the wetting of the brazing alloy on to the parent metal can be difficult.

Wetting is enhanced by the presence of nickel in a brazing alloy. This nickel content also alters the fluidity of the alloy, giving thicker joints which are more able to dissipate higher levels of internal stresses. These internal stresses are caused by the differences in the coefficients of thermal expansion of steel and carbide parent metals and appear as strong compressive forces as the joint cools. Where such stresses reach very high values, especially with brittle grades of carbide the use of Plymetal Z, where a soft central layer of copper will plastically deform and absorb the reduced stresses, should be considered.

M19MN has the additional benefits of been able to wet graphite-containing materials and can be used for brazing difficult parent metals such as grey cast iron.

Table 7

Nominal Composition (%)Melting Range (°C)
M20NAg 45050.
M10NAg 44040.
M19MNAg 44949.
Plymetal Z Copper sandwiched between M19Z670710

High Temperature Copper Alloys

These alloys find their main application in joining Tungsten Carbide pieces to Steel shanks for rockdrill bits.

CZ7 is used extensively in the manufacture of Masonry Drill bits.

Table 8

Melting Range (°C)ISO 17672 SpecificationsComments
CZ5158balSi 0.3850870Brazing cast-iron steel copper
CZ660balSi 0.3875895Cu470a
CZ759balSi 0.3870890Also includes Mn0.7%

CZ5 is also available as Flux-Coated material. Safety Data Sheets are available on request.