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The Thessco Group is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of Silver Brazing Alloys, Metal Joining Products and Industrial Silver Alloys.
Thessco Group, Silver Brazing Alloys, Metal Joining Products, Industrial Silver Alloys
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Industrial Silver and Contact Materials

Silver is used both as an individual high purity metal and is also alloyed with other metals for use industrially and decoratively for a vast variety of applications – all using the physical and technical attributes of fine silver in their application.

Industrially, Silver and its alloys are used when consistent electrical conductivity and resistance are necessary physical characteristics in the parts being manufactured. For instance, electrical fuses and resistors and temperature sensitive devices are all produced using fine silver and its alloys.

A substantial use for silver is in the manufacture of electrical contacts. It is used as a prime material as fine silver, and is also alloyed with various metals to produce reliable, consistent contact pieces used throughout the electrical industry for the making and breaking of electrical current in switches and other electrical current interrupting devices. The electrical conductivity of the Silver, and its ability to dissipate heat are the prime physical characteristics of Silver-bearing contacts, and other metals used in partnership alloys give the end product extra durability and strength not found in Fine Silver alone.

Typical examples of Industrial Silver Applications:

  • The manufacture of Electrical Contacts covering all ranges of electrical loadings.
  • Silver alloys are used for Fusible Safety devices.
  • Pure Silver is used for Medical / Electrical units ie Heart Monitors & Pacemakers
  • Silver Alloy Tubing is used in Medical
  • Appliance manufacture. Various scopes and other medical instruments are used because of Silver’s limited infection risk and the malleability of the raw material.
  • 9999 Silver is used in the manufacture of  Sea-Water batteries and Under-water buoys.
  • Silver Alloys are used in Musical Instrument manufacture.
  • Pure Silver is used in the manufacture of decorative Architectural glass.
  • Pure Silver is used as an electrical Anode in Water Purification.
  • Silver is used universally for its decorative finish and also for its durability in the production of practical everyday food and drink articles and objets d’art of both simple and highly complex shapes and designs.
  • Fine Silver is used in many Chemical and Pharmaceutical products and their preparation.