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The Thessco Group is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of Silver Brazing Alloys, Metal Joining Products and Industrial Silver Alloys.
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Silver Copper Alloys

Silver has the highest electrical conductivity and the highest thermal conductivity of any metal. In this respect it is the best contact material available. It is, however, rarely recommended for use in light-duty applications because of its tendency to tarnish.

The voltage at heavier duties is normally sufficient to break down these sulphide films so that their presence does not affect contact performance.

The addition of copper to Fine Silver has the beneficial effect of increasing hardness and arc-resistance. These alloys have better anti-welding properties for applications up to 100A, but are not as good as Silver-Nickel on “make”. At the same time, however, contact resistance increases as does tarnishing.

Table 10

MaterialDensity g/ccAnnealed HvSolidus (°C)Electrical Conductivity %IACSElectrical Resistivity
Fine Silver (99.99%)10.5269621071.59
Fine Silver (99.97%)10.5269621061.6
Fine Silver (99.9%)10.5269621061.6
Contact Grade Silver10.530960951.8
Silver 3% Copper10.465900911.9
Silver 7.5% Copper10.475800862.0
Silver 10% Copper10.380779862.0
Silver 20% Copper10.285779862.0
Silver 28% Copper10.0100779822.1
Silver 50% Copper9.7110779822.1