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The Thessco Group is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of Silver Brazing Alloys, Metal Joining Products and Industrial Silver Alloys.
Thessco Group, Silver Brazing Alloys, Metal Joining Products, Industrial Silver Alloys
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Silver Nickel Alloys

Nickel is only soluble in Silver up to 0.15% and as a consequence most of the alloys in this group of materials are produced by powder metallurgical techniques. This range of materials plays an important role as a heavier-duty material than Fine Silver.

They have a relatively low contact-resistance and high resistance to arc-erosion, especially when switching direct current. Its resistance to welding is superior to that of Fine Silver, but inferior to that of Silver- Metal Oxide in applications over 100A.

Table 11

MaterialDensity g/ccAnnealed HvSolidus (°C)Electrical Conductivity %IACSElectrical Resistivity
Silver 0.15% Nickel10.540962*1021.8
Silver 10% Nickel10.250962*862.0
Silver 20% Nickel10.060962*782.2

*Incipient fusion of conduction phase begins at 962°C. Forms available – Wire 1mm – 6mm dia. Strip sizes on request