Silver Cadmium-Oxide Alloys – Thessco Limited (Solpro Group)
The Thessco Group is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of Silver Brazing Alloys, Metal Joining Products and Industrial Silver Alloys.
Thessco Group, Silver Brazing Alloys, Metal Joining Products, Industrial Silver Alloys
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Silver Cadmium-Oxide Manufacturer

Silver Cadmium-Oxide Manufacturer

Thessco Limited is the largest European manufacturer of Silver Cadmium-Oxide electrical contact alloys and a leading supplier of Industrial Silver Products and Silver Brazing Alloys across the world.

Our Head Office and major production site is located in Sheffield, UK, with an associated warehouse and Sales Office, Thessco SAS, in Paris, France for distribution to our European customers.

As one of the World’s main manufacturers of Silver Cadmium-Oxide alloys we use two different methods to manufacture these alloys; one based on powder metallurgy (Thessco CADOSIL range) and the other on a post-oxidation process (Thessco GD range).

CADOSIL is produced from silver cadmium-oxide powders which are blended, compacted and sintered. These alloys are mainly supplied in wire form; their even structure being particularly suited to contact heading applications. The CADOSIL SB grades are supplied in strip forms.

GD materials are produced by the internal oxidation of a silver-cadmium alloy, this product is typically supplied in strip form. The SB designation denotes that a silver backing has been bonded to one side to assist subsequent joining processes.

To manufacture these products Thessco Limited operates under an Environment Agency Permit and in March 2019 Thessco Limited gained the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System Accreditation to demonstrate our commitment to the responsible manufacture of this range of products.

Our Silver Alloys are used in a wide range of components produced by many of the world’s leading manufacturing companies and its uses include electrical and electronic devices as well as aerospace, defence and safety critical applications.

Please contact us if you require further information on our Silver Cadmium-Oxide range of materials or any of our other Industrial Silver products and Silver Brazing Alloys.